A New Weight Loss Trick

Ever wonder why children just never seem to get tired? Children are always active; they are moving around doing something or the other and yet at the end of the day they still have the energy to do more. One of the reasons for this is because to a child, nothing is exercise, it is all just play and this is because they truly enjoy what they do- the running and jumping around, skipping, playing leapfrog and tag or just running around the park or the back yard.If you want to lose weight, why not take a cue from their book?

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Most adults refrain from exercising simply because they do not view exercise as fun. Adults view it as a chore they must go through to attain a weight loss goal, it is not the something that do out of choice and it is not one that they enjoy. This is because most adults envision images of sweating it out in the gym whenever their thoughts turn towards exercising. However, if you make exercise fun, you will look forward to it.If you have younger children, you will find that with just spending a few “active” hours with your kids everyday, you will have got your daily quota of aerobic activity and you will have fun at it too.

Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a fun exercise you can do anywhere and it is one of the cheapest things you can do. Get a fun jump rope. Splurge on one that lights up or has bunnies on the end of it. Play games with it: how many times can I jump without tripping? How many jumps can I make in a minute? How many jumps can I do with one foot or both feet?

Hold competitions with your kids. Treat it like an activity and not just an endless counting marathon.

Chase Your Kids

Follow your child’s lead. Play a game of chase or tag; you could burn 200 calories in just thirty minutes of play time with your kids. This is a great way to get some fun into your day and spend some quality time with your family.Play a Game Get outside now that the warmer weather is here. Find a game you can play with other families and their kids. There’s plenty to choose from- Frisbee, softball, volleyball to name just a few.  If you cannot find anyone to play with, take a bike ride, hit some golf balls or grab a racquet and play tennis against a backboard.  Whatever you do, get some sunshine and enjoy being in the great outdoors.  It will make the time you spend go quicker and be more fun.Create a RaceForm one, two, three or more teams with your family and friends.

Create a scavenger hunt of tasks that need to be completed and questions that need to be answered throughout your house or backyard. Set it up with a time limit. Then scatter, have every group run around and try to be the first to finish the great race. You will find that this fun activity gets both the mind and the legs going and before you know it, you are using muscles you had long since forgotten about!

Children can teach us so many things about leading an active and healthy life. Follow their examples of the lifestyles we too need to lead and you can not only meet your weight loss goals but have fun in the process. So go grab your toys and go have some fun playing! Make exercise something you enjoy and you are likely to stick to it longer.

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