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Burning fat is definitely not an easy task. It takes a lot of patience and motivation for going on. Avoiding our favorite food is definitely a mental stress. But we are leaving them behind for good. It is also true for some of us; no matter how much we try we cannot just reach our goal. Are we not trying hard enough? Or may be it’s because we are not trying it in the right way. Our main goal is to burn off more calories than we take in. it’s not as simple as it sounds. A proper diet plan and a little exercise might not be enough. Also the fact that the same diet plan might not work on everyone the same way. Different people have different target areas. Everyone does not store fats the same way and not in the same body parts. There are also many fat burners available these days. But the question is which one to trust? All of them are not effective. Price might also be a constraint here. Additionally, there is no guarantee that only the expensive ones will work. We need to make our choices after some considerations. Some of the supplements may also not work alone. May be a combo of supplements may prove to be more effective than alone. We need to know which two will work together the best.


best fat burning supplements


Fat burner combos


Let’s start with some basic fat burning supplements. This would be a best combo for the college students who are tight on budget. The combo that might work for them are the combination of caffeine and green tea. These are very much available everywhere and cheap. In fact most of the fat burners do contain these two supplements. Caffeine boosts up fat burning metabolism. It has the ability to bind to fat cells and enhance the removal of fat from the walls while inhibiting the storage of more fat. It also works to increase the fat burning process during rest and exercise. Thus it is an excellent fat burner. Green tea is also as much effective. Green tea contains compounds known as catechins. They contain EGCG which should get all the credits for green tea’s fat burning effect. It breaks down the fatty tissues and also increases the pace of metabolism. It can significantly boost weight loss. But the question is how to take them? We can combine them like this. An amount of 200 to 400 mg of caffeine with 500 to 1000 mg of green tea extract in the morning and an hour before workouts would be fine. On leisure days we can take a second dosage in the afternoon. The next combo has also proved to be quite effective for many people. The combo is of Forskolin and Carnitine. This acts directly on where the fat is stored and frees it so that it can go to the bloodstream and can be used as fuel. We need to work out so that the fuel gets used up. It activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase which enhances the fat loss process. This activates another enzyme which makes sure that the stored fat is released in the blood stream. This can travel further to the muscles where it is much more required. Then why do we need Carnitine for? Carnitine does the second job. This contains amino acids which makes sure that the fats are burned as fuel. It also improves fat burning process during exercise and rest which leads to greater fat loss. We can combine them like taking 20 to 50 mg of forskolin and 1 to 3 grams of Carnitine with breakfast. We can also take it before work out and after work out. Next there is a spicy surprise. The combo is of red pepper and ginger. This will spice up our meal and will also be working to cut the calories. Red pepper boosts up fat loss by increasing the metabolic rate. It also suppresses our hunger. Ginger is a valuable aid for weight loss. Take them fresh or dry, both works fine. You can take them up in any way with your every day meal and you don’t need to eat bland food anymore. The next combo on the line is of sesamin and TTA. They increase the activity of the genes that is responsible for fat burning and storage. Sesamin is present in sesame oil. It is a powerful antioxidant and a potential fat-burner. Tetradecylthioacetic acid known as TTA is a good fatty acid. This makes sure that the fats are burned rather than stored. It also helps diminishing cholesterol and also boosts insulin sensitivity. We can take them like 500 to 1000 mg of sesamin and 250 to 1000 mg of TTA with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Minerals can also be of great help in our weight loss attempt. So our friendly minerals are calcium, selenium and zinc. Calcium can help with losing fat and also prevents gaining of fat. Calcium also decreases the amount of dietary fats absorbed by the intestines. Selenium helps by elevating the metabolic rate. Zinc also helps by suppressing our hunger and increasing the metabolic rate. Taking about 1000 mg of calcium and 200 to 400 mg of selenium per day with food would be burning our fats effectively. The best time to take zinc is just before going to bed as ZMA which is about 30 mg of zinc. The next combo is of amino acids. They are Glutamine and Arginine. They are both fat burning supplements and their performance is maximized when combined together. Glutamine is known to increase fat-burning and metabolic rate. Arginine is also an excellent fat burner. The freed fat can be burned as fuel. We can take them like 5 to 10 grams of glutamine with breakfast, before and after workouts and before bed. Taking 3 to 10 grams of Arginine 30 to 60 minutes before breakfast, 30 to 60 minutes before workouts, immediately after workouts and 30 to 60 minutes before bed will be burning the extra fat very much effectively. The next combo consists of proteins. The proteins are whey and soy. Protein decreases our hunger. Eating a protein shake will make us feel full for longer time. Proteins enhance weight loss and also build up muscle tissues. We can take these proteins any time of the day. We can take them before workouts and having a protein shake during meals will also us to eat less. The next combo will help keeping hunger away. It is a combo of Glucomannan and 5-HTP. Glucomannan is a soluble fiber and also absorbs a large amount of water. This lets us to feel full for long time. 5-HTP takes care of your carb cravings. This helps us to avoid calories. We can take 1 to 2 grams of Glucomannan before meals and 50 to 300 mg 5-HTP in the evenings. This will help us to eat less and also avoid carb. The last combo concentrates on burning the fatty acids. Who would have thought fats can kill fats? The next combo is of fats. That is CLA and fish oil. They contain healthy fats which burn off the calories. They help you to lose body fat effectively but a balanced and low calorie diet needs to be followed.

Whether to trust

The mentioned combos are absolutely trustworthy. They are scientifically proven and tested. These are effective on both men and women. If eating can help you lose some pounds, then why not? What can possibly be your excuse now? Give your best shot to live your dream. It your body and you can shape it any way you want. No one is asking you starve yourself. Eat healthy and live healthy. A little work out and lots of healthy food will surely be enough to achieve the goal. Living a healthy life is living a disease free life. So live a healthy life and never regret again.

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